Partnership Information

LIFE Leadership presents the

Launching a Leadership Revolution

Corporate Education Series

Equip. Empower. Engage.

For far too long colleges and universities have been limited to partnerships and teachings with leadership and business consultants that only have regional or provincial experience, until now! LIFE Leadership, which has several of the Worlds Top Leadership Experts, Best Selling Authors and Worlds Most Requested Speakers, has created a leadership series designed to develop leaders in any industry at any level! Colleges and universities now have the opportunity to partner with and ability to leverage the thinking of some of the greatest minds in leadership history, including: Dale Carnegie, Orrin Woodward, Steven M.R. Covey, Chris Brady, Les Giblin, Jeff Olson, Claude Hamilton, Tim Marks, and so many more!

Some benefits for a college or university, when partnering with LIFE Leadership, include:

– teachings from world-class, award-winning and best-selling leadership and business experts;

predesigned, blended model courses with all materials, tests, score sheets and facilitators guides;

long-term relationships with clients, no more one-and-done courses;

proactive education;

minimal risk and investment for the college or university;

– and an opportunity for 30 to 70% profits from every course run through their institution.

Is your institution ready to step out of the industrial age and into the information age, where leveraging information will be the determining factor of success? When one ignores the rules of the new age, they ignore the wealth that comes with it! Is your institution innovative and ambitious? Only a select few partnerships are still available! For more information or to explore how a partnership with LIFE Leadership can add value to your college or university and set you above the rest, please fill out the contact form below to gain access to course and profit breakdown!


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